How to Make Denim Rose Flowers Out of Jeans

Enjoy making craft projects out of old denim?

Enjoy making craft projects out of old denim? Then you will love this easy floral centerpiece which you can create out of an old pair of jeans. It has a rustic flavor which will fit in great with other homespun decors.And you can be sure that your creativity will receive a lot of compliments.

Floral arrangement out of old denims.

Want to See How Flowers Were Made From Jeans?

Not only will you be making a denim-decorated vase for your flowers, but even the flowers themselves will be made out of denim. In this video tutorial, you will discover that it is surprisingly easy to achieve this lifelike effect.

Making flowers out of old jeans is easier than you think.

How to Make Flowers From Old Jeans: What You’ll Need

Materials used for denim flower craft.

Let’s gather the supplies that you will need to make this rustic decor project. For tools, you will just need scissors, hot glue and a hot glue gun.

For materials, you will need a pair of old jeans, some gardening wire, rustic ribbon, faux pearls, and a vase.

Regarding the vase, the only important thing is to make sure that you pick one that is not larger in circumference than the circumference of the pant legs on your pair of jeans.

Otherwise, there will be no easy way to cover the vase with denim. Extra steps would be required.

You can create a rustic floral centerpiece using old jeans.

What Can You Do With Your Finished Floral Décor Made From Jeans?

Once you have completed your floral decor made from old jeans, it can bring rustic charm to any table, shelf or desk. Make one for yourself, and make another for a friend. After all, you have two pant legs to work with.

Rustic denim floral decor looks beautiful displayed anywhere.

Flowers From Old Jeans Video Tutorial

Now that we’ve talked about the supplies you need to create a floral centerpiece using old denim, check out the quick list of materials and tools you will need below. You can also find written instructions to accompany the video tutorial. Let’s get started.

How to Make Beautiful Flowers Out of Old Jeans

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