20 Astonishing Repurposing Ideas For Old Headboards And Footboards

So, you’ve bought yourself a new bed – or made a new one – what are you going to do with your old one? Believe it or not, there is a repurpose project for just about anything in the world, even those old headboards and footboards. Even if you don’t have an old bed to repurpose, you can find them really cheap at thrift stores and yard sales and turn them into some of the most amazing things. I recently searched for ways to upcycle an old headboard and what I found are 20 astonishing DIY projects to turn those old beds into something new and wonderful.

20 Astonishing Repurposing Ideas For Old Headboards And Footboards

I do love repurposing – I say that all the time. Not only does it give you a purpose for something that you might have thought was useless, it gives you some wonderful new décor or furniture, too and repurposing is so much cheaper than buying things new. Some of the projects in this list would cost you a small fortune if you bought them in furniture stores. But, you can make them for free by just repurposing an old headboard or footboard. And many of these have that great rustic look that makes them perfect for farmhouse decorating. They’ll go really nicely with these 60 DIY barn door projects to add rustic style to your home.

So, whether you have an old bed that you want to reuse or you want to shop your local thrift stores to find one, you’re going to be amazed at these projects. From coat racks and benches to shelving, command centers and even a really great stocking holder for the holidays, there are so many things that you can do with those old headboards and footboards. And, speaking of the holidays, be sure that you check out these 25 farmhouse inspired DIY Christmas decorations to add even more rustic charm to your home.

1. Upcycled Headboard Coat Rack

Upcycled Headboard Coat RackAn old headboard is the perfect piece to use for creating this lovely DIY coat rack. Hang this inside your front door or in the mudroom for keeping coats and purses neatly storage and organized. There isn’t even a lot of work involved with this one. You just have to refinish the headboard and add hangers to the back and then something to the front to hang your coats on.

2. DIY Blog Idea Board

DIY Blog Idea BoardWhether you run a blog or you just need a great idea board for general use, an upcycled headboard is definitely the way to go. An open spindle type headboard or footboard is perfect for this and it doesn’t matter if they are made of wood or metal. Once you have the board base created, you just add twine or yarn for hanging your pictures and other ideas and use mini clothespins to keep them all in place. This would also make a beautiful family photo collage base.

3. Upcycled Headboard Or Footboard Command Center

Upcycled Headboard Or Footboard Command CenterI need this command center in my office! You can make this from a headboard or footboard – whatever you have on hand. It has a great chalkboard at the top for messages and hangers at the bottom to help you keep things organized. Use the hangers for purses, scarves, keys or whatever you need to hang. You could even add a small shelf or a wooden box for holding mail.

4. DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

DIY Christmas Stocking HolderThis is the most adorable and creative Christmas stocking holder that I have ever seen. You make this from an old headboard or footboard and it honestly couldn’t be an easier DIY project. I love the red paint and you could decorate it any way that you wanted with pictures, wooden decorations or anything else. Add hangers like old keys or old drawer pulls to make it functional and give it a really festive look. This would look great with some DIY Christmas stockings.

5. Repurposed Footboard Porch Décor

Repurposed Footboard Porch DécorYou can use an old headboard or footboard for this project. It’s a porch hanger that is perfect for adding a bit of rustic décor to the porch or deck. This would also make a really cute coat rack for the mud room or a kids room for holding jackets and backpacks. Or, you could turn it into an apron holder for the kitchen – the possibilities are endless!

6. DIY Doggie Daybed

DIY Doggie DaybedOh my goodness, how adorable is this doggie daybed? This is made from a repurposed twin bed headboard and footboard and it’s really much easier to make than it looks. You can even make a DIY doggie pillow to cover it and make it more comfortable. If you love making your own DIY dog toys, this little repurposed twin bed doggie daybed has got to be next on your list.

7. Repurposed Headboard Flower Bed

Repurposed Headboard Flower BedI love my gardening projects and this repurposed headboard flower bed is definitely on my to do list for spring. You use a twin bed for this one, although you could use a larger bed if you wanted and just make it a really big flower bed. It’s so beautiful when it is finished and it is perfect for showing off those spring flowers.

8. Repurposed Headboard Corner Bench

Repurposed Headboard Corner BenchWho doesn’t need this gorgeous corner bench in their lives? You make this from a single headboard and it is absolutely stunning. It is perfect for adding that little touch of rustic country to your decorating and you can use it in the kitchen, breakfast nook or anywhere you need some extra seating. The project is pretty simple and you can have it completed in just a couple of hours.

9. Upcycled Headboard Door Pediment

Upcycled Headboard Door PedimentThis décor is beautiful and so easy to make from an upcycled wooden headboard. I love how different this makes a room look. You just design it however you want, with names, pictures or whatever you choose, and then hang it above any door – provided you have room between the door and the ceiling. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of décor to an otherwise bland wall.

10. DIY Headboard Garden Gate

DIY Headboard Garden GateIf you have a garden area that is fenced off, an old headboard makes the perfect rustic garden gate. You want to be sure that you match your headboard design to the rest of your garden area, so if your fence is metal, then a metal headboard would be a better gate choice. However you do it, this is a very unique and creative idea and a wonderful way to repurpose those old headboards. This would look even more gorgeous with a few DIY garden decorations around it.

11. Repurposed Headboard Porch Swing

Repurposed Headboard Porch SwingSeriously, this is one of the most creative things that I have ever seen done with an old headboard. This porch swing is made solely from an old bed – you can use the headboard, footboard and side rails to make it. Who wouldn’t love sitting here on the front porch and enjoying a beautiful spring day? And, this project takes much less time to finish than you may think. Make this your next weekend project!

12. DIY Kitchen Sign

DIY Kitchen SignThis Bon Appetit sign is great for decorating your kitchen or dining room with a bit of rustic charm and you make it from an old wooden headboard. The project itself is really simple and straightforward and you can have it completed in just an hour or so. The wooden utensils really set it off – although you could do this in any message. It doesn’t have to be bon appetit, just choose something that you really like and go with it.

13. DIY Bathroom Shelf

DIY Bathroom ShelfTurn that old headboard into a beautiful decorative shelf for the bathroom. Just a quick refinish (if it needs it) and a few hooks are all you need to make a great towel or bathrobe hanger and you can add a board to the top for holding some of your bathroom essentials. This one is really quick to do and won’t cost you anything aside from the headboard, a wooden slat and a few hangers.

14. Repurposed Headboard Chalkboard

Repurposed Headboard ChalkboardI do love a good chalkboard paint project and this repurposed headboard chalkboard is fabulous. This is perfect for the kitchen for keeping your shopping list on hand. It has a wonderful rustic look that also makes it great for other rooms, too. Use it in your office or den for taking phone messages and keeping your to do lists handy or put it in a kid’s room for playtime. Don’t you just love DIY chalkboard projects?

15. DIY Headboard Organizer

DIY Headboard OrganizerThis headboard turned organizer would be beautiful in a master bedroom – or anywhere you want to put it, really. It could double as a rustic looking coat rack. You just distress your headboard and add hangers. How gorgeous would this be on the back of your bedroom door for holding your purse or bathrobe? And, it’s a quick and simple project. If you don’t have a headboard to use, you can find them at most thrift stores for under $10.

16. Repurposed Headboard Sofa Table

Repurposed Headboard Sofa TableA vintage headboard – one of those with the slide out bookshelf – would be perfect for creating your own DIY sofa table. Sofa tables are great for adding a bit of décor and for storing things like books and knickknacks. This one is really easy to make from an old headboard and if you don’t have one of these on hand, check yard sales and thrift stores.

17. DIY Headboard Welcome Sign

DIY Headboard Welcome SignYou don’t have to live at the end of a long driveway to make this upcycled headboard welcome sign work for you. You could put it in your front yard or even on your front porch. It’s got a great bed and breakfast look and is perfect for adding some rustic charm to your outdoor living spaces. Plus, it’s a really simple and fast project that shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete.

18. Repurposed Footboard Sign

Repurposed Footboard SignI love this quaint sign that you can make from an old wooden footboard. How perfect is this for the kitchen? Plus, you could add spindles and turn it into the most gorgeous paper towel holder. Or, add a few spindles to the bottom and use this for your wax paper and aluminum foil. There are so many possibilities with this one and all of them simply scream shabby chic! You can always add rustic charm with DIY wood signs.

19. Repurposed Headboard Storage Bench

Repurposed Headboard Storage BenchI really love this storage bench that you can make from twin headboards. Or, if you wanted it to be bigger, you could use larger headboards. It has a great storage shelf underneath that is perfect for those DIY baskets that you use for magazines and such. This is perfect for just inside the door or in your mudroom – or you could even put it on the porch and add a few decorative pillows to dress up your outdoors.

20. Antique Metal Headboard Bench

Antique Metal Headboard BenchAn old metal headboard was used to create this stunning bench that would be perfect for adding some rustic charm to your porch or deck. I found this one on Etsy and it’s just $115 – or you could make it yourself with a metal headboard and an old pallet or a few slats. Whether you DIY it or buy it, this is a gorgeous bench that is certainly going to add some style to your home or garden.

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