DIY Whimsy And Cool Travel Journals

Keep all your memories and details up with a travel journal!

If you aren’t familiar with travel journals, these are notebooks that are great for keeping track of expenses, organize receipts, create shopping lists, write down new ideas. This is especially true for long-term travel adventures, where the extraordinary and exotic are daily occurrences and your brain can only easily remember the most remarkable. Keep all your memories and details up with a travel journal! I’ve prepared some cool DIYs to make one, they can be not only a great idea for your future trips but also a cool gift. Let’s start!

Here’s a tutorial to make a whole group of cool travel journals in gold glitter and navy and white chevrons. Originally they were made to for travelling to 9 countries in 3 weeks, that’s why so many. The combo is perfectly chosen, the colors are cool and bright and anyone will love this cool group of journals.

DIY travel journals in navy chevron and gold glitter

DIY travel journals in navy chevron and gold glitter (via


This project contains instructions on making various travel journals with a felt cover. The notebook cover itself can really be made out of just about any material, provided it is thick enough to hold itself. After finishing the notebook, you can embellish it a little if you wish, or leave it as it is, your choice. If you love the author’s journal, follow the instructions to make the same, be bold and glam! Such journals will be amazing gifts for girls.

This tutorial will tell you how to make cool and bold journals of usual and totally boring notebooks. The notebooks are spruced up with bold photos from travels, various pics, felt, leather, cork and other touches – you may use plenty of them stated in the project. Choose what you like or make them all!

If you like modern looks and laconic designs, this tutorial is for you. these comfy mini-journals are a great idea for anyone and they look very stylish. Make them of colored paper – each for each city and then embellish your notebook with stickers, masking-tape, drawings, little words like here or let your imagination go wild and get more! Make them all – there are different cover looks you may try and give them as cool gifts to your friends.

Love beach holidays? Then make some bold beach journals! These are usual notebooks decorated with bold paints and glitter – these are bold gradient abstract covers with some sea creatures and boats, though you may choose any other decorations connected with the sea or even attach some shells. Choose the colors that you like, they may be bold or more muted ones. Get inspired and memorize each moment of your beach vacation!

These little travel notebooks are perfect for planning for your upcoming beach trip and jotting down memories sitting on the beach. They are covered with burlap or cardboard, there’s much color added – yellow and red and colorful ribbons though you may use any colors your like. These mini journals are ideal taking notes and making lists. Get inspired!

DIY travel journals of burlap,cardboard and with colorful touches

DIY travel journals of burlap,cardboard and with colorful touches (via


These chic and colorful watercolor-inspired journals are ideal for visiting any cities. Wouldn’t they make great gifts for friends who are about to take off and explore these awesome cities around the world? These mini travel journals are perfect for big and small hands. Use the printables given in the tutorial to make your journals quickly and easily.

DIY watercolor-inspired travel journals with city names

DIY watercolor-inspired travel journals with city names (via


Going to Paris? Make this gorgeous Paris travel journal! The piece is spruced up with Paris pics on the cover and inside – they are organized as pockets on the pages. There you may put your tickets, pics, stamps, cards and other stuff you like. The journal is easy to make and will inspire you a lot before going keeping your memories after the trip, don’t forget to add all your pics and tickets there!

Make some bold travel journals for both adults and kids! This one is a bold pink one with zebras and with pockets including one on the cover – to put your pics and tickets there! Such a journal will definitely raise your mood and you’ll enjoy filling it up with all the stuff you have and all the memories you’ve brought.

This tutorial will tell you how to keep your journal super creative and interesting – it’s not about but is about filling it up. There are ideas about using stamps, cards, various colors, writing down recipes and much other stuff plus adding pics. Such a project guarantees that your notebook will be super creative and you’ll enjoy reading it after.

Keep a record of your travels with a quick and simple DIY pocket size travel journal. Make ahead and take with you on your next trip to fill with memories. The album includes photos and point form journaling along with a few bits of memorabilia from the trip. It looks very stylish and colorful and feels very creative, not like any other.

How to spruce up your usual notebook with a leather cover to make it a whimsy travel journal? This project contains information on sprucing up the journal with bold floral fabric attached inside it. a neutral notebook with a colorful inside – so amazing and inspiring!

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